CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media at the Coastguard Boat Commissioning Ceremony (October 18)

CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media at the Coastguard Boat Commissioning Ceremony (October 18)

Q-n about the event

CDA Elizabeth Rood: This is a very happy day in the partnership between the United States and Georgia because we are transferring from the United States’ Coastguard to the Georgian Coastguard these two Island-class patrol boats. These boats are going to strengthen Georgia’s maritime security, and they are also going to enhance Georgia’s ability to participate with regional and international partners in Black Sea security.  Georgia has a very important role to play in Black Sea security, and these boats are going to further strengthen that role.  Therefore, we are very proud to join with our Georgian partners today, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, in dedicating these ships.  By the way, the crews of these two coastguard ships, the Georgian crews, have trained with the former American crews, and so they have learned directly how to learn the new technologies, how to maintain these ships, how to operate them and conduct all kinds of important maritime missions with them.  Thank you.