CDA Wilson’s comment made to the media at Georgian–American University celebrating the 27th anniversary of U.S.–Georgia diplomatic relations (May 2)

Charge d’Affairs Ross Wilson’s comment made to the media at the Georgian –American University celebrating the 27th anniversary of U.S. – Georgia diplomatic relations (May 2)


Q-n about the event

Charge d’Affairs, Ambassador Wilson: So, this is a really happy day here, to commemorate 27 years of U.S.-Georgian relations and the opening of our Embassy almost exactly 27 years ago by a colleague and friend of mine, Carey Cavanaugh. It is a real treat for me to be able to visit Georgian-American University and commemorate this event with all these outstanding young people who are here.

Q-n about Salome Zurabishvili’s possible visit to the United States

Charge d’Affairs, Ambassador Wilson: President Zurabishvili has expressed her interest in visiting the  United States. There had been conversations about it, but nothing has been set up or arranged so far, at least to the best of my knowledge. Obviously, we have a very important relationship with this country and we look forward to having high-level conversations with its leaders as the opportunities present.  The specific story, I think, that has been put out, frankly is mischievous. It’s intended to divide the United States and Georgia.  It is not helpful.  We have a strong relationship, and it is reflected in the close ties that our leaders have.

Q-n have there been negotiations on this point?

Charge d’Affairs, Ambassador Wilson: She has expressed her interest in visiting. We have had informal contacts with the Georgian Foreign Ministry about it, but there have been no negotiations per se, and in any case, nothing has been arranged.

Q-n about the  U.S. Embassy Statement on Supreme Court Legislation

Charge d’Affairs, Ambassador Wilson: You have obviously seen our statement, I do not think there is much I want to add to that.  [the journalist asked again to repeat the statement for broadcasting] I think what we tried to say in that statement is that the United States has long attached a lot of importance to good governance and to the rule of law and to the conditions which will strengthen citizens’ confidence in the judiciary.  The law that has been passed includes some important provisions on transparency and some other matters that I think are a step forward.  We are disappointed that the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the OSCE, the United States, the European Union, and the Council of Europe missions were not fully taken into account.  The next stage in this process, assuming the bill is enacted into law, is for the High Council to carry out its functions in a critical manner, and for the Parliament in confirming nominees also to carefully and critically review the nominees for the appropriateness of this important position.

Q-n about the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee hearing on “Countering a Resurgent Russia” and statements made in support of Georgia and the need for a collective assistant to Georgia to counter Russian aggression

Charge d’Affairs, Ambassador Wilson: I do not know the full context in which that paragraph you are referring to was made.  As a general matter, the words there reflect what has been America’s policy on the events of 2008 and since, with respect to Russia’s actions, the disproportionality of those actions, and we urge that steps be taken by Georgia’s friends to fully support its territorial integrity and independence.