CDC trains public health and clinical staff as part of the COVID-19 response (March 27)

CDC trains public health and clinical staff as part of the COVID-19 response (March 27)


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has successfully engaged with its Georgian counterparts for years. We are proud to support the Georgian National Center for Disease Control and the Ministry of Health, and the latest training dedicated to the threat of COVID-19 is part of this support.

Recently, CDC, in collaboration with NCDC, trained the graduates of the Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) and regional public health staff to become first responders in the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Training is focused on key epidemiologic and clinical findings of COVID-19, proper identification and surveillance of cases, and infection prevention and control practices. FELTP trainees are trained to be disease detectives as part of a two-year program that combines classroom training with practical work in disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, prevention, and control. Since 2009, the South Caucasus FELTP trained eight cohorts which included 128 residents from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine.

In addition, CDC has partnered with Georgia’s largest hospital chain, EVEX Medical Corporation, and their hospital staff across Georgia to provide infection prevention and control training to 158 individuals. Trainings focused on biosafety practices including hand hygiene and cough etiquette and the proper use of personal protective equipment. CDC also provided guidance on patient triage practices and facility COVID-19 preparedness and response plans.

Finally, training on infection prevention and control, with a focus on COVID-19, was conducted at the Abastumnani Lung Center, a Georgian quarantine zone for COVID-19.

We are proud to work with our Georgian partners in safeguarding the health and security of the Georgian people and assisting in Georgia’s response to crises. We look forward to continued collaboration with the NCDC, Ministry of Health, and the people of Georgia throughout these challenging times.