CDR David Coles Remarks to Media at USS Ross Arrival Ceremony (April 21)

CDR David Coles Remarks to Media at USS Ross Arrival Ceremony (April 21)

Q-n about the event

CDR David Coles: Good afternoon, my name is commander David Coles.  I am the commanding officer of the USS Ross.  On behalf of my officers and crew, I would just like to thank the region of Adjara, as well as the beautiful city of Batumi, for this amazing reception and welcome that we have received.  In my twenty years in the United States’ Navy, this is by far the most amazing welcome that I have personally had.  To tell you a little about the ship and why we are here, first off, this is an expression of our steadfast commitment to our partners and allies in the region, in the Black Sea in particular, in the eastern Black Sea.  Something that we often do is come to the Black Sea to increase our interoperability and cooperation with the Georgian Coast Guard.  But it is not all work.  There is also gonna be some fun while we are here, and we have a few community relations things that we are doing, as well.  We are playing some basketball with the Maritime Academy.  Just to let you know, I am from California the United States, and there is a very famous Georgian basketball player, who was with the Golden State Warriors, Zaza Pachulia.  And so, I am hoping that when we play basketball, his relatives are not playing against us, otherwise we’re going to lose sorely.  So, in addition to that, we are gonna play some soccer, in that instance, I am sure that we will – even though this is a destroyer, we will probably gonna get destroyed in that game.  Other than that, we are all looking forward, myself included and the rest of my crew, to meeting the Georgian people and enjoying the rich culture and history of this beautiful country.