Chargé D’affaires Elizabeth Rood Emphasizes Importance of Vocational Education (November 5)

Chargé D’affaires Elizabeth Rood Emphasizes Importance of Vocational Education (November 5)


Chargé D’affaires Elizabeth Rood opened Third-annual “Investing in Human Capital” TVET Conference together with Minister of Education Batiashvili, and MCC Deputy Vice-President Lona Stoll.  Chargé Rood emphasized that everyone present at the conference plays an important role in shaping Georgia’s economic future as a member of the private sector, an educator, a student, or a policymaker.

CDA Elizabeth Rood’s Comments to Media on the Sidelines of the Third-annual “Investing in Human Capital” TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Conference

CDA Elizabeth Rood: The U.S. Government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation are very determined to support educational and employment opportunities in Georgia, and that is why we are pleased to support this “Week of Skills” here in Georgia.  This Week of Skills, and this event, are going to showcase the achievements of technical and vocational education training programs here in Georgia, including the introduction of more than 50 new certificate and degree programs, and we are also very pleased to have with us here the United States corporation Intel and British Airways, whose educational experts are going to share their experiences in professional education.

Q-n about the Presidential elections: the results of the first round and campaigning for the second round 

CDA Elizabeth Rood: The U.S Embassy in Georgia and agrees with the assessment of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ODIHR Observer Mission, that the first round of presidential elections was conducted competitively and the voters in Georgia had a real genuine choice to express their will at the voting booth.  We also share some concerns of observer organizations about shortcomings in the elections during the first round and we strongly hope that those shortcomings will be addressed in the second round.  The United States looks forward to the second round of the presidential elections as another opportunity for Georgia to further demonstrate and develop its democratic and electoral systems.