Construction of a new Rehabilitation Center in Tserovani (August 18)

The new Rehabilitation Center construction in Tserovani. Photo: Mamuka Bakhtadze Official

Construction of a new Rehabilitation Center in Tserovani (August 18)


“A new Rehabilitation Center is being constructed in Tserovani for our hero soldiers who were wounded while fighting to protect the territorial integrity of Georgia and during international military operations. This will be the only center in our region complying with the highest standards and equipped with modern technologies and I want to extend my particular gratitude to our American partners for supporting this project.

Social support of our servicemen is the most significant priority for our government. This project in Tserovani, as well as the construction of apartments for our officers that I’ve talked about a number of times, serves the abovementioned purpose.

The self-esteem of every country is measured by its attitude towards those people who defend its honor and freedom at the expense of their lives, correspondingly improving social conditions for our hero soldiers is number one priority for us and we work hard to accomplish this goal.”

Mamuka Bakhtadze,
Prime-Minister of Georgia