Coordinator for U.S. Government’s Assistance to Europe and Eurasia Visits the American Corner in Rustavi (November 20)


Alina Romanowski, the Coordinator for U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia, visited the Rustavi American Corner to speak to 40 high school and university students about programs and projects successfully initiated by the U.S. Mission in Georgia. A lively Q&A session covered topics such as US education and study exchange programs, scholarships, the upcoming US presidential elections and US foreign policy in Georgia.

Ms. Romanowski oversees all US government assistance to thirty countries in Europe and Eurasia.  She coordinates the programs of multiple US government agencies and State Department bureaus involved in US economic, democratic, security, and humanitarian assistance in the region, and designs and implements assistance strategies that support US foreign policy priorities.  She also plays the lead role in allocating foreign assistance budgets appropriated by the US Congress, and works closely with foreign governments, multilateral institutions, and NGOs to ensure that US foreign aid is used efficiently and effectively.