DCM Berliner visits INL-funded youth programs in Borjomi (May 25)

P1010102On May 25, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Nicholas Berliner, together with Deputy Minister of Education Lia Gigauri, attended the Legal Culture lesson for ninth grade students at Borjomi Public School #3.  The lesson was delivered by a civic education teacher and a local police officer as part of the INL-funded Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization (GE CALLS) program, which is implemented by Project Harmony International.  Every year, GE CALLS selects 20 schools in various regions of Georgia.  2,500 students participate in this activity annually.
The DCM and the Deputy Minister also visited Borjomi’s Youth Engagement Center, founded on the premises of local NGO Samtskhe-Javakheti Media Center.  Within the framework of GE CALLS’ community initiative component of its program, an abandoned space was refurbished to become the Youth Engagement Center where Borjomi youth are involved in various after-school activities, including preparation of TV programs addressing youth-related problems.  The Center current supports 20 members, all public school students from Borjomi and the nearby village of Kvibisi.  The DCM and the Deputy Minister took part in a talk show led by students where they answered questions about cooperation between the U.S. and Georgia, youth and safe school programs in both countries, and youth problems in both Georgia and the United States.