DCM Elizabeth Rood’s comments to the media at presentation of Baseline Study “Gender equality in Georgia: Barriers and Recommendations” (January 30)

Deputy Chief of Mission Elizabeth Rood’s comments to the media at the presentation of the Baseline Study “Gender equality in Georgia: Barriers and Recommendations” commissioned by the Gender Equity Council of the Parliament of Georgia (January 30)

Q-n about the report

DCM  Elizabeth Rood:  The United States Embassy commends the Parliament of Georgia for the many steps it has already taken to create gender equality in Georgia.  But a number of things remain to be done, and that is the purpose of this report.  The United States Embassy and USAID has joined with UNDP and the Embassy of Sweden to produce a report that compares Georgia’s legislation and existing legal mechanisms with Georgia’s obligations under various international treaties and conventions to which Georgia is a party.  We have  just seen the report today for the first time, so we’re very interested to see what it will contain as recommendations to lawmakers about how they can bring Georgia’s laws and policies closer in line with what needs to happen for Georgian women and men to have a fully equal playing field when it comes to discrimination of every form.  In terms of violence against women, in terms of access to justice, in terms of equal opportunity of political representation, and every other thing that affects women in society.  And not only Parliament, but civil society will have a very important role in these efforts, and the Embassy of the United States will continue to support Parliament and civil society in this very important work.

Q-n about the United State Government’s assessment of Georgia’s efforts to fight terrorism

DCM  Elizabeth Rood:  The Government of Georgia is a very strong partner with the United States in the war against terrorism, the struggle against terrorism, and it has been for very many years.