DCM Elizabeth Rood’s Remarks to Media at Business for Gender Equality Award Ceremony (March 20)

Q-n about the event

Elizabeth Rood: We know that everywhere where women are included in the workplace and where women have greater economic opportunity there is greater prosperity for all, and for that reason the United States is very pleased through the Millennium Challenge Corporation and through other programs of the United States’ government to support the inclusion of women in workplace.  I am very happy to participate this evening in this event where we recognized companies who have done a great deal to create an equal environment for women to prosper and thrive in the workplace.

Q-n about the upcoming round of Geneva Internal Discussions and possible agreement on nonuse of force

Elizabeth Rood: The United States firmly supports Georgia’s sovereignty and Georgia’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, and within that context, we support and participate in the Geneva International Discussions as the best form available to discuss security issues as well as the many urgent humanitarian issues arising from the conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  I will not comment specifically on the content of the upcoming round of the Geneva International Discussions or the statement of Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin, but as always, we do hope for progress in the next round of the Geneva Talks.

Q-n: do you think that we (Georgia) should sign that declaration

Elizabeth Rood: I am not going to comment on any particular element of the discussions.  We would like to see the progress on many of the different issues facing the parties – the participants in the Geneva International Discussions – including the security and humanitarian issues.