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Death of a U.S. Citizen

All deaths of U.S. citizens in Georgia should be reported to the Consular Section as soon as possible. The Consular Officer will notify the deceased’s next-of-kin and inform him or her about options and costs for shipping or burying the remains. If the next-of-kin wishes, the Consular Officer can act as his or her representative with local authorities. Costs of preparing and returning remains to the U.S. are high and must be paid in advance by the family. The Consular Section will prepare the necessary documents if the family chooses to have the remains returned to the U.S. The Consular Section also prepares a Consular Report of Death, based on the Georgian death certificate, which can be used in the U.S. to settle estate and other matters.

For more information regarding a Consular Report of Death please visit the following website: