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Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz’ Remarks at the Prosecution Service of Georgia
September 26, 2022

Let me say first what a great honor it was to meet with the Prosecutor General and to be able to celebrate together 30 years of cooperation between our two countries, and in particular the cooperation between the United States Department of Justice and the Prosecutor General’s Office here. This is a very important relationship for both of our countries as we work on rule of law and on protecting citizens of our countries, and working together to that end. So, it’s an honor to be here today. And it’s also a great honor to be able to be here with the International Association of Prosecutors – the fact that Georgia has hosted this meeting, has taken on a big responsibility – communicates its commitment to the principles of international cooperation and establishes again what everyone knows, that there are no better hosts than Georgia for such communities and such friendships, so I am very glad to be here. Thank you.