DTRA Continues its Work with Georgian Partners on Biosecurity

After the fall of the Soviet Union, many former states, including Georgia, were left to deal with huge stockpiles of potentially hazardous materials: biological, chemical, and radiological. Since 1991, the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has been working with its partners across the Georgian government to institute infrastructure and regulations for the safe characterization, storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of these materials. This week (7-11 Nov), a DTRA team is meeting with various Georgian government ministries to discuss past activities, ongoing projects, and future cooperation in the name of helping Georgia to be safer and more secure. If you’d like to read about similar cooperation in other post-Soviet countries, check out the Agency’s work in Kazakhstan: https://kz.usembassy.gov/us-and-kazakhstan-26-years-of-a-joint-nuclear-nonproliferation-mission/