American Corners

Map of American Corners in Georgia

American Corners are small, American-style libraries located within a local partner organization, usually a library. American Corners is a joint partnership project that promotes cooperation and understanding between the United States and Georgia by providing accurate information about the U.S. Access to American Corners and their collections is free and open to all interested citizens of Georgia.

Each American Corner features an English language collection of American fiction and reference books on U.S. government, history, culture. Corners also provide access to information about the U.S. through supervised Internet access, audio, and video recordings of American films and documentaries.

American Corners support local English instructions with an extensive collection of English teaching materials which are frequently used by local students, teachers and U.S. Peace Corps volunteers.

American Corners also offer American speakers on a variety of topics and host a range of classes, clubs and activities. American speakers have discussed topics as varied as American baseball, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. exchange programs, holiday traditions in the United States, and more. Many of the American Corners sponsor clubs, such as American music clubs, poetry clubs, and video clubs, which allow people to practice their English or just learn more about American culture and traditions.

For more information about American Corners in Georgia please contact US Embassy American Corner Coordinator Ketevan Asatashvili of the American Center for Information Resources (ACIR) or contact the corners directly using the information provided below.

American Corner Batumi
Batumi Public Library
#21 Vazha Pshavela Street
Tel: (0 422) 27 21 62

American Corner Youth Palace Tbilisi
#6 Rustaveli Ave
Tel: (995 32) 2920220

American Corner Telavi
Telavi Central Public Library
#1 Erekle II Street, Telavi
Tel: (0 350) 27 32 96

American Corner Khashuri
Khashuri Central Public Library
#10 Dzneladze’s Street, Khashuri
Tel: (0 368) 24 27 84

American Corner Gori
Gori Central Library
#8 Stalin Street, Gori
Tel.: (0 370) 27 49 15

American Corner Zugdidi
Zugdidi Central Public Library
#58 Merab Kostava Street
Tel: (0 415) 25 07 30

American Corner Rustavi
Rustavi Central Library
#11 Shartava Street
Tel: (0 341) 28 60 35

American Corner Akhaltsikhe
Akhaltsikhe Central Library
#109 Kostava Str., Akhaltsikhe
Tel: (0 365) 22 13 87

American Corner Kutaisi
Kutaisi Children’s Central Library
#2 Dumbadze Street
Tel: (0 431) 24 53 88

NGO “For Better Future”
Tserovani IDP settlement
Tel: +995 599 410250