American Corner Batumi

Batumi American Corner. Photo: State Dept

American Corner Batumi

American Corner Batumi (ACB) is an American-style cultural center and cooperative learning environment whose purpose is to increase mutual understanding between the people of Georgia and the United States. The American Corner was established in 2006 and is located in Batumi Central Library [Vazha Pshavela str., 21, Batumi, Georgia]

ACB also provides a venue for organizing events, roundtables, conferences, and informal gatherings, in both real and virtual space. It also acts as a resource center for visitors to learn more about U.S. best practices in English Language learning teaching, leadership training, innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology, the inclusion of people with disabilities, and civic engagement.

ACB offers the following programs: EducationUSA advising (about studying in the United States), English language learning, cultural and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programs, engagement with Georgian alumni who have studied or been on an exchange in the United States, and general information about the United States, American society, and the values and experiences of its diverse people. Strategic programs also include Media Literacy Workshops, Cybersecurity sessions, Women Empowerment projects, Teacher Development Workshops, Community Ambassadors, and Community Peacebuilding programs.

In 2019, American Corner Batumi has offered its programming services to more than 14.000 users.


Tel: 0422 27 21 62