English Teaching Programs

English Teaching Programs

PAS carries out a number of programs to support English teachers in Georgia. Most of our programs are carried out in cooperation with the English Teachers Association of Georgia (ETAG), a professional association for English teachers and university-level students of English who anticipate careers in English language instruction.

English Teaching Forum

This State Department-produced quarterly journal for teachers of foreign languages is made available by PAS to all members of ETAG and other interested parties.

Texts and Supplementary Books

PAS has a cooperative agreement with ETAG to make available textbooks and supplementary materials to anyone who wishes to purchase them. For information about purchasing these materials, visit the ETAG office at the Tbilisi State University (5 Building, Tel: 25-08-56).

English Language Fellow Program

Provides American professional expertise in teaching English as a foreign language by sending American experts on ten-month fellowships to Georgian academic institutions. The fellows enhance English teaching capacity by providing teachers and students with the communication and teaching skills they will need to participate in the global economy. Senior Fellows may conduct professional development seminars, assist with curriculum and materials development, and help organize local and regional English teaching conferences. ELF program is administered by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy.

The English Language Specialist Program

Designed to provide institutions of higher education and various organizations with professionally trained U.S. professors in TEFL/TESL or applied linguistics who can work on short-term or multi-phased projects (two to six weeks per visit) at a variety of institutions and levels, mainly in the areas of teacher training, materials writing, or curriculum development. The program generally enhances English teaching capacity in order to provide education officials, teachers, and students with communication skills they will need to improve their access to diverse perspectives on a broad variety of issues, and to give them information that will better enable them to understand and convey concepts about American values, democratic representative government, free enterprise and the rule of law.

To get more information about English language programs and activities supported by the U.S. Embassy, please contact TbilisiExchanges@state.gov