USDA Borlaug Fellowship Program

USDA Borlaug Fellowship Program for Georgia

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is pleased to announce the 2018 Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program (Borlaug Fellowship Program) for Georgia.

The Borlaug Fellowship Program promotes agricultural productivity, food security, and economic growth through collaborative research. The program offers training for agricultural research, international agricultural economics, leadership, and agricultural policy to researchers and faculty in Georgia.  Competitively selected Fellows will work one-on-one with a U.S. mentor who will coordinate the training program.  After completion of the 10-12 week fellowship, the mentor will visit the Fellow’s home institution to continue collaboration on the research topic.  USDA will select U.S. host institutions and mentors for each fellow.

The 2018 Borlaug Fellowship Program is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

The application deadline for the 2018 Borlaug Fellowship Program for Georgia is November 19, 2017.


  • Provide early to mid-career agricultural economists, research scientists, faculty, and policymakers with one-on-one training opportunities in the fields of agricultural policy and research (see acceptable research areas below).
  • Provide agricultural economists, research scientists, faculty, and policymakers with practical experience and exposure to novel perspectives and/or new technologies that can be applied in their home institutions.
  • Foster collaboration and networking to improve agricultural productivity and trade.
  • Facilitate the transfer of new economic, scientific, and agricultural technologies to strengthen agricultural practices.
  • Address obstacles to the adoption of technology such as ineffectual policies and regulations.

Research Topics

  • Field Crops and Horticulture: Crop and horticultural improvement and management to include fruits, berries, and grains.
  • The research topic is broad and could include work on fruits, berries, and grains.

Develop grain germ plasm which maximizes economic returns by a) increased nutrient efficiency, b) exploitation of resistance to diseases, c) increased winter hardiness, d) versatile and superior end-product use, e) adaption of agricultural systems to conserve soil, water, and energy. Elucidate the molecular, biochemical, and genetic events that regulate wheat seed dormancy and germination; determine the molecular mechanisms of cereal adaptation to environmental changes. Control of foliar and smut diseases with emphasis on conducting and coordinating basic and applied research on rusts and smuts; can include approaches for forecasting epidemics, crop loss assessment, pathogen virulence, disease resistance, and integrated pest management.

Length of Fellowships

Fellowships last between 10-12 weeks.  All program proposals must include goals that are achievable within that timeframe.  Fellowships can begin as early as August 2018 or as late as the summer of 2019.  After completing the U.S.-based portion of the fellowship, the mentor will visit the Fellow’s home institution approximately one year after the U.S. portion of the training.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates will be evaluated, interviewed, and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Georgia.
  • Good reading, writing, and speaking skills in English language.
  • Master’s degree or higher with at least two years’ of practical experience (minimum).
  • Currently employed by a university, government ministry, research institution, or other scientific institution.
  • Intention to continue working in the home country for a minimum of two years following the return from the United States.
  • Early/mid-stage of professional career (2-10 years of experience preferred; candidates with more than 15 years of experience are weakly competitive; candidates with 20 years or more experience will not be considered).
  • Proposal directly related to one of the listed research areas.

Application Requirements

Eligible candidates are invited to submit the complete application including the following attachments no later than November 19, 2017.  Submitted applications should include:

  • Application form (using the attached form)
  • Program proposal and research action plan
  • Signed approval from applicant’s home institution
  • Two letters of recommendation (academic and professional preferred)
  • Copies of diploma(s) for college/university degree(s) received
  • Copy of passport identification page

Submit your completed application by email attachment to:

Demna Dzirkvadze:

Edward Gerard:

Contact Information

For questions related to the application process please contact:

Demna Dzirkvadze:

Tel: 995 32 227-70 00
U.S. Department of Agriculture/Foreign Agricultural Service,
U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi

For additional information about the Borlaug Fellowship Program, please contact the USDA/FAS Coordinators for the 2018 Borlaug Fellowship Program for Georgia:

Edward Gerard: