Emerging Filmmakers Training and Production of 16 Short Feature Documentaries

Emerging Filmmakers Training and Production of 16 Short Feature Documentaries


The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi is pleased to announce an open competition for the Emerging Filmmakers Training and production of 16 short feature documentaries. Pending funds availability, the U.S. Embassy will award grant of up to 50,000 U.S. dollars to indigenous Georgian non-profit, non-governmental, educational organizations and production studios to support hands on trainings in the area of narrative non-fiction filmmaking on the theme of women’s empowerment. PAS expects to have 16 short documentary features, each profiling a strong female character.

The Emerging Filmmakers Trainings supports the economic development of Georgia by giving young filmmakers the tools to compete on the international stage and gain skills that will enhance marketability and income generation. The program promotes regional stability by spreading awareness of issues such as minority integration, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, disability rights, and civic engagement. The program also builds capacity in the area of strategic communication by increasing the ability for organizations to communicate to the public and dispel misinformation about targeted topics.

Award instrument for this grant will be a Cooperative Agreement. While PAS will have substantial involvement in the project, the recipient will be ultimately responsible for carrying out and completing the project in accordance with the budgetary guidelines and U.S. public diplomacy programming priorities approved by PAS.  Any revisions to the project need to be agreed to by both parties in writing.

The winner of this competition (the grantee) will announce a competition to select 16 young filmmakers (ages 15-25), preferably females from throughout Georgia. Filmmakers, documentary film subjects and themes will be selected by the grantee in full cooperation and coordination with the U.S. Embassy.

The winner of this competition (the grantee) will help the filmmakers to produce short documentaries up to 10 minutes running time. The trailers (30-90 seconds) should be completed by November 2018. The deadline for short films production is March 2019.

Grant proposals should include:

  • Support for 16 young filmmakers (ages 15-25) from throughout Georgia to film, edit, and produce a short documentary film (up to 10 minutes) focusing on themes related to women’s empowerment; workshops on narrative non-fiction visual storytelling, concept development, production, and post-production
  • In-kind contribution and plans to approach corporate sponsors and other donors;
  • Strategies to promote these films within Georgia and internationally through screenings and film festivals.

The U.S. Embassy will bring up to two American filmmakers in 2018 to hold workshops for project beneficiaries.

Important note:  Organizations applying for awards valued over $25,000 are required to obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and to register in the System for Award Management (Sam.gov).  Applicants failing to meet these criteria will not be eligible for the grants program.  Registration instructions are enclosed as a PowerPoint presentation.

The deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday, February 6, 2018, 18:00.  Completed applications (one print-out copy in English along with required supporting documents) should be delivered by the deadline to the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy; address: 11 George Balanchine Street, Tbilisi 0131, Georgia.  In addition to a hard copy, the electronic application form should be emailed to TbilisiCultural@state.gov, Please include the program name (Emerging Filmmakers Training and Production of 16 Short Feature Documentaries) in the subject line.

For questions, please contact TbilisiCultural@state.gov