Embassy supports jury trial training for Georgian judges (November 25)


On November 24-25 the U.S. Embassy’s  Resident Legal Advisor’s Office and the High School of Justice conducted a two-day Jury Trial Training for Georgian Judges. The training was delivered by the Resident Legal Advisor Michael Grant and he was joined by Zaza Meishvili, Georgian Supreme Court Judge and one of the drafters of Georgia’s Criminal Procedure Code. The training was delivered for judges from Tbilisi and the regions and focused on practical implementation issues of  jury trial provisions. During the two days participants discussed how to effectively manage jury selection, the importanceDSC_0023 and content of jury instructions, managing self-recusals and strikes and making effective use of a side bar and other practical issues.  The training served the purpose of addressing existing challenges in jury trial management  and preparing judges in light of the draft bill which proposes to expand criminal jurisdiction as well as territorial jurisdiction of jury trials in Georgia.