How to apply for our vacancies

Please read the vacancy announcements carefully to be sure you have provided all required documentation, completed each section of the application form, and clearly indicated how you meet each of the minimum qualifications.

It is required that:

  • All applicants fill out the DS-174 Universal Application Form. CVs/Resumes will not be accepted;
  • The DS-174 Universal Application form be filled out completely and signed (all sections are filled out and all boxes are checked);
  • Proof of education, certificates or valid driving license, and/or other related documents be provided in PDF format; copy of certification of required educational degree be submitted;
  • Proof of eligibility to work in Georgia be provided (list your 11 digit country identification number under item 12b of the DS-174 form or add a PDF copy of passport, Georgian ID, permanent residency or work permit certificate to your application);
  • Application materials are sent in one single e-mail.  Only if required documentation exceeds 9 megabytes, should you send two e-mails;
  • Applicant and vacancy name be written in the subject line of the email. E-mail Subject Line example:  Nino Smith, Administrative Assistant, VA 19/17;
  • Applications are sent until 11:59 p.m. time zone specific to the job location on the closing date;
  • Applications be sent to the following email:

Once you send the application package to the above email, please make sure you receive the auto reply from the US Embassy. It is proof that your documents have been received. (If you did not receive auto reply, please contact HR Office to double check the status of your application package).

For those applicants without computer access, hard copy applications can be sent via Post prior to closing date of the vacancy directly to our mailing address:

29 Georgian-American Friendship Avenue
Didi Dighomi 
Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia 
ATTN: HR Office

If you have not provided the above required documents/information, please revise your application and include the missing documents/information, AND resubmit it. If you fail to do so until the vacancy deadline, your application will not be considered.