Fifteenth Group of Peace Corps Volunteers to Begin Service in Georgia (July 10)

On Friday, July 10, a group of 54 Peace Corps volunteers will be sworn in as Peace Corps’ fifteenth in Georgia.  The group includes 34 English teachers and 20 organizational development advisors who will teach English at public schools or work in NGOs and community-based organizations in ten regions across Georgia.  Those in attendance will include U.S. Ambassador Richard B. Norland and representatives of the U. S. Embassy, the Ministry of Education and Science, regional and local government officials, collaborating organizations and institutions, Georgian host families, Peace Corps staff, and Peace Corps Georgia Volunteers.  The commencement ceremony will be held at Tbilisi State University from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

The Peace Corps operates at the request of the Georgian government and provides qualified men and women who contribute to social and economic development while also promoting a better understanding between Americans and Georgians. The Peace Corps program was established in 2001 in Georgia. Since then more than 600 Volunteers have worked side by side with Georgian people in communities across the country.