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December 1, 2022

Thank you.  Well, first of all, many thanks to the Ministry of Defense and of course to the Minister of Defense, Minister Burchuladze for hosting me.  It’s always so nice to be back in Georgia to enjoy the beauty of the country, the delicious cuisine, the hospitality – wonderful.  But most of all, it’s great to come back and to enjoy the good strong relationship that we have with the Georgian military.  The Georgian Defense Forces have made fantastic progress over the years, professionalizing the force, and becoming the sort of serious military force that is capable of defending this nation.  And that is what is important to us that Georgia is able to maintain its independence, its sovereignty, its territorial integrity, and above all, that it is able to remain at peace, at peace and unified here and in the region.  So that was the purpose of the meeting, to discuss our military cooperation, which is going extremely well.