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Ambassador Degnan offers congratulations to the people of Georgia on the anniversary of Georgian Independence
May 26, 2020

On behalf of the United States Embassy, I am pleased today to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the people of Georgia on your Independence Day.

Georgia and the United States share a deep love of freedom and equality, two core values that are reflected in the 1918 Act of Independence and that the Georgian people continue to cherish.  The Act guarantees equal political rights to every Georgian citizen, irrespective of nationality, creed, social rank, or gender.  These principles are familiar to every American, as well.  Georgians and Americans alike have fought and died for freedom, independence, and equality.

The friendship between our nations remains deep, rich, and strong because it is based on shared values we both hold dear – liberty, democracy, tolerance, and hard work.

As partners for almost 30 years, we celebrate Georgia’s progress on its democratic path. And as Georgia’s steadfast friend, today we celebrate with you your freedom and independence.

Didi madloba, da gilotsavt damoukideblobis dghes!