Georgian National Guard Officials Visit U.S. State of Georgia on Familiarization Tour (June 23)


In mid-June, Brigadier General Levan Gamkrelidze, Commander of the Georgian National Guard (GNG) and three fellow officers visited Atlanta, Georgia as part of a familiarization visit with the State of Georgia’s Army National Guard.  The officials met with Adjutant General Joseph Jarrard and other senior members of the State of Georgia’s Army National Guard, where they discussed the development of the Georgian Ministry of Defense’s Reserve Component.  They also discussed future cooperation, including sending Georgian National Guard personnel to the US state of Georgia in 2016 to observe disaster training exercises.  This fruitful cooperation enables both the country and US state of Georgia to share mutual experience and advance their respective disaster preparedness programs.  The US European Command State Partnership Program funded the familiarization tour and it falls within the framework of the ongoing National Guard State Partnership Program between the country of Georgia and the US State of Georgia that has been in existence since 1994.