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In Defense of Democracy in Venezuela (May 29)
May 29, 2020

The United States reaffirms our commitment to Venezuela’s legitimate National Assembly and the 100 deputies across all party lines under interim President Guaido’s leadership, who daily face threats and intimidation by the illegitimate former Maduro regime. We strongly condemn the illegitimate former Maduro regime’s most recent attempt to destroy Venezuela’s last remaining democratic institution, the National Assembly, and depose National Assembly President and interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido. The May 26 sham ruling — by the former Maduro regime-aligned and illegitimate Supreme Court — purporting to confer the National Assembly presidency on a deputy who received regime bribes to orchestrate a pretended takeover of the institution. This is appalling.

Maduro, his security forces, and his lackeys in the illegitimate Supreme Court have led a sustained assault on the National Assembly. They issued sham sentences against dozens of parliamentarians, forcing them into exile. They continue the arbitrary detention of political prisoners, including Guaido’s Chief of Staff Roberto Marrero, and National Assembly deputies Gilber Caro, Tony Geara, Ismael Leon, Renzo Prieto, and Juan Requesens. We demand their release and we reiterate again our demand that the unjust imprisonment of the CITGO 6 be ended.

The United States reiterates our support for a peaceful resolution to Venezuela’s crisis and urges all parties to consider the Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela as a pathway towards a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Venezuela. This can only happen with an end to regime attacks against democratically elected officials.