Inclusive Hip-Hop Dance Group Promotes Disability Rights (June 18)

Inclusive Hip-Hop Dance Group Promotes Disability Rights (June 18)


TBILISI, June 18, 2018—The U.S. Embassy has brought the multi-national hip-hop dance group Ill-Abilities to Georgia June 18-23 as part of a one-week campaign called “Tolerance and Inclusion Week.”

Ill-Abilities will perform with Georgian dancers from the Georgian National Wheelchair Dancesport Federation. All events are free and open to the public. A schedule of the U.S. Embassy’s tolerance and inclusion events is listed below.


  • Ill-Abilities live performance on X-Factor, Imedi TV, Monday, June 18, 22:00
  • Tbilisi State Medical University Graduation Ceremony for USAID-trained physical therapists, Tuesday, June 19, 16:00
  • Open air photography exhibit and performance by Ill-Abilities, Nika Machadize/Nikkakoi and the Para Orchestra, Tbilisi Gvinis Ubane 1 V. Petreiashvili Street, Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 20:00 (the venue is handicapped accessible)
  • Ill-Abilities outdoor performance in the courtyard of Fabrika, hosted by Dive Bar X, Friday, June 22, 20:00 (the venue is handicapped accessible)
  • Performances by Ill-Abilities and the Georgian National Wheelchair Dancesport Federation, hosted by Chargé d’Affaires Elizabeth Rood, Marjanishvili Theater main hall, Saturday, June 23, 19:00 (the venue will provide support for persons with disabilities)

Ill-Abilities is a seven-person inclusive dance group made up of disabled and abled dancers from America, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Five of the dancers are persons with disabilities, yet these conditions do not stop them from being one of the most energetic and engaging hip-hop dance groups you’ll ever see.

Ill-Abilities’ visit to Georgia is funded by the U.S. Embassy Tbilisi, and planned in cooperation with USAID, the Georgian National Wheelchair Dancesport Federation, and the Tbilisi Photo Festival with their partner Save the Children. Tolerance and Inclusion Week events will take place in all regions of Georgia with the cooperation of USAID-funded “Promoting Integration, Tolerance, and Awareness (PITA)” program and the American Corners. PITA is implemented by the UN Association of Georgia and aims to integrate ethnic minorities and raise awareness and tolerance of ethnic and religious minorities in the country.  American Corners are hosted in public libraries and youth centers in Georgia and are funded by the U.S. Embassy.

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Regional Events: for Tolerance and Inclusion Week, activities will be organized by PITA Youth Centers & American Corners in 12 municipalities across Georgia. For more information, please contact the American Corners and PITA Youth Centers hosting the events, and see their Facebook pages for details.

Tbilisi: June 18-22
Tbilisi Youth Center – ALPE Foundation and Ilia State University. D Building, room 106.
National Youth Palace/American Corner – Rustaveli Avenue #6

June 18: Public lecture “Tolerance and Diversity”; Guest speaker – Professor Ketevan Khutsishvili
Venue: PITA’s YC at Ilia State University

June 19: Seminar on woman’s rights and importance of active participation in civil activism, information campaign about Phari Khanum Sofieva – the first Muslim woman elected to local municipality council.
Venue: Karajala Public School in Gardabani municipality

June 20: PITA’s Ilia-Uni & TSU YCs members observation visit to Tbilisi American Corner and National Youth Palace
Venue: National Youth Palace/American Corner

June 21: Movie screening on Tolerance topic at YC

Venue: PITA’s YC at Ilia State University

June 22: Public lecture & discussion at Ilia YC about “The importance of Tolerance and Minority rights”, guest speaker: Beka Mindiashvili – head of the Tolerance Center and Koba Chopliani coordinator of Council of National Minority.

Venue: PITA’s YC at Ilia State University

Batumi: June 18-23

Venue: Batumi American Corner, Central Library, Vazha-Pshavela Str. #21

June 18, 18:30: Short theatre play about tolerance
Venue: Batumi American Corner

June 19, 12:00 -18:00: Workshop “Embrace the Diversity”
Venue: Batumi American Corner

June 20, 17:00: Exhibition of handicrafts made by Inclusive Learning Center’s beneficiaries Venue: Batumi American Corner

June 21, 15:00: Sign Language Workshop
Venue: Free Space

June 22, 19:00: Cycle for Tolerance together with Bike Girls

Venue: Batumi Boulevard

June 23: Closing Event – Concert by Musical Band “Ertad”
Venue: Batumi Boulevard/Summer Theater

Gori: June 20-21

Venue: Gori American Corner, Stalin str. #8

June 20: USA Cultural Event– presentation of American literature, art and culture.

June 21: PITA members’ meeting on “Importance of diversity” with guest speaker Richard Oyabede who is a football player from Africa.

Kutaisi: June 22
Venue: “Sikvarulis Baghi”, Kutaisi City Center

June 22: Information campaign in Kutaisi city center:

  • Public lecture about PWD rights
  • Exhibition of handmade handicrafts made by people with disabilities

Akhaltsikhe: June 18-23
Venue: Akhaltsikhe Public Library/American Corner, Tamar Mephe Lane #11

June 18-23: Exhibition of artworks and crafts created by students with special needs

Venue: Akhaltsikhe American Corner, Tamar Mephe Lane #11

June 19: Workshop for American Corner members, topic “Tolerance and Diversity”

Venue: NGO Center for Equal Rights and Involvement

June 20: Movie session at Center for Equal Rights and Involvement

June 21: Puppet show with the participation of students with special needs

Venue: Boarding school

June 22:

  • Screening of a short documentary about Meskhetian Turks
  • Musical concert with the participation of students with special needs at the American Corner Akhaltsikhe
  • Living Library will be organized in Akhaltsikhe Public Library
  • PITA YC members will be the “living books” of ethnic minorities in Akhaltsikhe (Georgians, Armenians and Azeris)

June 23: Workshop on crafts making for students with special needs

Zugdidi: June 22
Zugdidi PITA Youth Center – Association “Atinati,Rustaveli Str., #94
Zugdidi American Corner, Central Library, Merab Kostava Str. #58

12:00: The forum theatre play related to tolerance topic
Venue: Zugdidi PITA YC

16:00: Handmade poster on tolerance – the participants and the guests of the event will write their personal associations on tolerance and paint their hands on the poster
Venue: Central Boulevard

Short videos will be recorded about “the Importance of Tolerance for Me”; the videos will be highlighted on Zugdidi YC’s FB page.

Telavi: June 18, 13:00

Venue: Erekle II Square, next to the central Library

Information campaign in Telavi includes:

  • Exhibition of handmade crafts made by people with disabilities
  • workshop on importance of inclusion, discussions on The Social Model vs The Medical Model of Disability
  • sharing successful experience by employed PWD
  • Telavi Mayor’s speech on importance of inclusion and tolerance in Georgia

Sign Language interpretation is provided for all activities, and speeches

Local municipality representatives and Governor of Kakheti region are invited to the event.

Gardabani: June 19

15:00: Musical event – Gardabani Public school students will represent dances and songs of different ethnic minorities. Children’s Painting competition and exhibition on the topic of Tolerance. The best drawing will be revealed and the author will be awarded.

Venue: “Megobrobis Sakhli”, Gardabani Municipality

Ninotsminda: June 18-25


Ninotsminda Youth Center – Organization “Paros, Chavchavadze Str., #21.

Akhaltsikhe Youth Center – “Union of Democrat-Meskhs” (UDM). Rustaveli Str., #26.

June 18: Movie screening on Tolerance topic

Venue: Ninotsminda PITA YC

June 19: Information Campaign and street actions on Tolerance and Inclusion in Ninotsminda

June 27: Photography exhibition in Akhaltsikhe

Venue: Akhaltsikhe PITA YC

Marneuli: June 19

Venue: Marneuli PITA YC, Marneuli Youth Center – Marneuli Youth Center (MYC). Erekle II Str., #1.

  • Workshop about EU-GEORGIA to develop comprehensive knowledge and thorough understanding of EU and Western values among youth (especially from ethnic minorities) and help them to comprehend the rationale behind Georgia’s EU aspirations and benefits of EU and NATO integration. The participants will choose and represent the culture and traditions of different countries from European Union & NATO.

Ozurgeti: June 22

Venue: Ozurgeti Youth Center – Young Pedagogues’ Union. Gabriel Episkopisi Str., #3

  • Public lecture “Tolerance in Literature”; Guest speaker will be Zviad Koridze, Journalist and The Chairperson of the Pardon Commission.

Akhalkalaki: June 18-21
Venue: Akhalkalaki Youth Center – “Union of Democrat-Meskhs” (UDM). Teriani Str., #25

June 18:

  • PITA YC members will make handicrafts with children with disabilities.
  • A workshop on importance of inclusion will be organized at the YCA photo competition on Tolerance topic will be announced among members of Akhalkalaki YC

June 21, 15:00: Photo Exhibition & awards ceremony in the Central park of Akhalkalaki.