INL DAS James Walsh hands over equipment to Georgian police and announces new regional initiative (February 8)


On February 8th,   U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian C. Kelly and visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) James Walsh participated in a handover ceremony of 19 in-car computers purchased by INL for the Georgian Patrol Police Department.  The in-car computers will provide law enforcement officers real-time access to information on wanted persons or the identification of stolen property, while also providing a data record of all service calls.  Information is the lifeblood of an effective law enforcement response and these computers will facilitate the quick transmission and access to data, necessary to provide service to the community.  The total value of the in-car computers is approximately USD 85,000.

IMG_9793Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Walsh also announced INL support worth USD 500,000 to advance Georgia’s initiative to create a regional law enforcement leadership and management training center.  Through the Ministry’s Police Academy, courses hosted by the Georgians will be taught by U.S. instructors in a number of different disciplines.  INL intends to extend the courses to law enforcement partners in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tajikistan.


In response to journalists’ questions on developments at Maestro TV

Ambassador Kelly: “Our top priority I think is to see that Georgian democracy succeeds. And, of course, this is a very important year in that regard, because you have elections in the fall and our top priority is to see that all the different political voices in the Georgian political scene have access to media to enable their voices to be heard as we enter an election campaign. And so, of course, we as an Embassy we are interested in cases that affect the media environment because of these concerns, and that’s why we asked to speak to the people at Maestro last week.”

“At this point we are just monitoring the situation. And that’s why we were very happy to speak with some of the players in this particular issue. And I think going forward we just want to be sure that we have a completely, as we say, level playing field, as Georgian voters go into the elections this fall.”