INL Director Tracey Newell and MOIA partners discuss women’s roles in policing in TV interview (March 2)


On March 2, on live TV program Imedis Dila, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Program Director Tracey Newell spoke in Georgian about the benefits of having female police officers in law enforcement.  Ms. Newell announced the fourth annual Women in Policing Conference, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy’s INL Office.  This year’s conference will host more than 200 female law enforcement officers from nine countries who will learn new practices, develop international contacts, and draw from others’ experiences.    Maka Peradze from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ International Relations Department and police officer Maia Pelishvili joined Ms. Newell to talk about female police officers’ roles in protecting citizens and contributing to the development of modern law enforcement practices.