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Recruitment Process

Recruitment process chart.


Application Review – The applications will be reviewed and shortlisted via Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA).

Testing – The U.S. Embassy reserves the right to test applicants to determine if they have the required knowledge, skills, or abilities as described in the vacancy announcement.

Interview – Interviews are normally completed within six weeks of the closing date.  Please assume that your application has been unsuccessful if you have not heard from us within six weeks of the closing date.

Conditional offer – If you are selected for a position, you will receive a conditional offer of employment.  You will be presented with a letter which will have information on salary and benefits as well as general information about terms and conditions of employment. After you accept our conditional offer, no changes can be made to the salary and benefits offered. (We strongly advise candidates not to resign from their
current employment until they receive a final offer from HR. This will only occur once candidates have successfully completed the medical and security clearance requirements.)

Pre-Employment Process (Medical and Security Clearances) – The Human Resources Office will provide selected candidates with instructions on medical and security screening. The security process can take several weeks to be completed.

Final Job offer – Applicants who successfully complete the pre-employment process will receive a formal offer of employment, which means you became a valuable member of the U.S. Embassy Community.

Good luck!