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Joint statement by the facilitators to the political dialogue
June 19, 2020

The 8 March agreement was a historic achievement, agreed by a broad majority of political parties and Members of Parliament. As Parliament prepares to vote on Constitutional amendments that would establish a more proportional electoral system in Georgia, we again urge all sides to fully implement the 8 March agreement.

We recognize that differences remain regarding implementation of the Joint Statement portion of the agreement. We underline that the commitments made to address actions that could be perceived as inappropriate politicization of Georgia’s judicial and electoral processes will remain crucial in the period leading to the upcoming elections, and their implementation will continue to be monitored closely.

At the same time, given the significance of the Constitutional amendments for Georgia’s democratic process, we encourage all signatories to the 8 March agreement to participate in this important vote and to ensure that the amendments are adopted.

Passage of these amendments, along with pending election reform legislation that incorporates OSCE ODIHR recommendations, will advance Georgia’s progress toward a more representative Parliament and contribute to depolarizing the political environment – achievements that we sincerely believe are in the interest of Georgia’s democracy and the Georgian people.