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Leading the World Against Iran’s Threats (May 9)
May 9, 2020


Two years ago, President Trump announced the bold decision to protect the world from Iran’s violence and the nuclear threats it poses by exiting from the flawed Iran Deal and its façade of security. Since that time, we have built the strongest sanctions in history and prevented Iran from funding and equipping terrorists with many billions of dollars. Today, the American people are safer and the Middle East is more peaceful than if we had stayed in the JCPOA.

Seventy-five years ago, the United States and our allies stood together to rid the world of the Nazis and their hateful ideology. Today, we face a grave challenge to regional peace from another rogue regime, and we again call on the international community to join us to stop the world’s leading state sponsor of anti-Semitism.

The United States will exercise all diplomatic options to ensure the UN arms embargo is extended. We will not accept their status quo level of violence and terror. And we will never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.