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Message for U.S. Citizens: UPDATE #16 on Flights
June 12, 2020

Embassy Operations: The U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi continues to provide passport, citizenship and emergency services for U.S. citizens, and emergency visa appointments on a very limited basis. Please contact us if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

(UPDATE) Coming to Georgia in July:

On June 9, the Prime Minister announced that the resumption of foreign tourism will likely be postponed. The Government of Georgia continues to negotiate with other countries to establish “safe travel corridors” to allow foreign travelers from select countries to enter Georgia, but as of today, they have not yet announced which international flights/destinations will be approved to resume service in July, nor what mechanisms will be used to receive or monitor foreign visitors (in terms of screening, quarantine, health certificate, etc.). The Government has also not specified what, if any, conditions will be placed on entry of foreign citizens based on travel origin, nationality, status in Georgia, or other factors.

(UPDATE) Flights:  Georgian Airways cancelled the two Tel Aviv flights scheduled for June, but announced additional Amsterdam flights in July.  Please consult a travel agent or airline representative to book these flights or find out what connections are available from these cities:

  • 15 June /27 June & 04/06/11/13/18/20/25/27 July: Tbilisi to Amsterdam* (direct connections to USA available; see notes below)
  • 18 June / 28 June: Tbilisi to Vienna (U.S. citizens may transit Austria, but no direct connections to USA are available)

Other than Georgian Airways, NO other airline has confirmed when they will resume regular commercial flights to/from Tbilisi. Several airlines have canceled previously advertised flights in July and indicated they do not expect to resume any July service.

*Transit through Amsterdam: Please notify us if you plan to transit Amsterdam with a direct onward flight to the U.S.; we can send your information to CBP and TSA in advance to help smooth your boarding and transit procedures at AMS airport. You will be not be allowed to depart the transit zone of the airport, even to collect/re-check luggage, but alternate arrangements can be made to transfer your luggage to your connecting flight.

U.S. Travel Restrictions:

In Case You Missed It: All of our previous COVID-19 messages and current status information are posted on the embassy’s website.

For assistance please contact:

American Citizen Services
Consular Section
U.S. Embassy Tbilisi
(+995 32) 227-7724 / after hours (+995 32) 227-7000