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Message for U.S. Citizens: UPDATE #9 on Flight Availability
April 30, 2020

In Case You Missed It: All of our previous COVID-19 messages are posted on the embassy’s website.

FLIGHTS: The only upcoming flight with direct connecting flights to/from the U.S. is the May 7 Amsterdam flight. We strongly encourage U.S. citizens seeking to depart Georgia to take advantage of this flight if possible. Contact the airline or a travel agent directly to book flights. These are not U.S. government-operated or funded flights. If you cannot afford to buy a ticket for a flight to U.S. you may apply for a repatriation loan from the U.S. government to purchase the ticket; please contact the embassy at AskConsulTbilisi@state.gov for details.

Georgian Airways:

02 May – Tbilisi to Prague(no direct transfer to USA; see special notes below)
05 May – Tbilisi to Athens (no direct transfers to USA)
07 May – Tbilisi to Amsterdam** (RECOMMENDED* Direct transfers available to several U.S. destinations, see special notes below)
09 May – Tbilisi to Berlin SXF (no direct transfers to USA)

Belavia is also operating flights to Minsk, Belarus on May 4, May 11, and May 17. There are no direct connections from Minsk to the U.S. but there might be options via additional transit through Amsterdam.

What about other flights still advertised online?

Most airlines have informed us that they do not anticipate running any flights in May to/from Tbilisi except those listed above, even if other flights are showing as available online with seats for sale. Georgian Airways has cancelled all regular flights through May 30 (there may be a couple more special repatriation flights TBD). In June, GA may resume Amsterdam flights, but all other routes are TBD. Other airlines including Lufthansa, LOT, Aegean, Qatar, Air Baltic, and Turkish Airlines do not anticipate resuming service until June, July or August.

*Transit through Prague: There are currently no direct transfers from Prague to the U.S., but routes are available via additional transit stops. Some U.S. citizens who reach Prague have also been able to take buses or vans to London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam to catch a flight to the U.S. from these larger hubs. However, to do this OR for an air transit layover longer than 24 hours you will need both a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result issued within 4 days of arrival and a letter from the U.S. Embassy (email askconsultbilisi@state.gov) to present to Czech immigration authorities to allow you to enter the country.

**Transit through Amsterdam: Please notify us at askconsultbilisi@state.gov if you plan to transit Amsterdam; we can send your information to CBP and TSA in advance which (in theory) can help smooth your boarding and transit procedures at AMS airport.

Enroll in STEP: Your safety and welfare are our highest priorities.  It is extremely important that every U.S. citizen in Georgia sign up with our Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) so we will know how many Americans are here, we can contact you in an emergency, and you will receive emails with information from the embassy.


American Citizen Services
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U.S. Embassy Tbilisi
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