Ministry of Agriculture hosts the USDA National Animal Health Program Steering Group Meeting (May 17)

DSC_0326On May 17 the 23rd National Animal Health Program (NAHP) Steering Group Meeting took place in Tbilisi.  The USDA in collaboration with Colorado State University (CSU) and the Georgian Institute for Public Affairs (GIPA) provided support, technical advice and administrative co-ordination. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the proposed plans for the Georgian NAHP for 2016 and results achieved already. The meeting was chaired by Nodar Kereselidze, the first Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Mr. Kereselidze, welcomed all members, especially guest speakers, the Head of Kakheti Veterinary Regional Association (VRA), Mr. Akaki Elanidze, the deputy head of Shida Kartli VRA, Mr. Zakaria Ginturi, Lasha Inauri, the Head of Euro Integration Department and Mr. Zurab Chekurashvili, head of the National Food Agency (NFA).

The outcome of the meeting was to update the Animal Health Action Plan on all topics, including veterinary legislation and education, and to signal the importance of increasing the involvement of private sector stakeholders in future.  The NFA expressed willingness to develop a pilot project which can result in greater capacity to use the private sector in coming years. In addition, USDA will continue their work with GIPA and CSU to advance the Veterinarian Regional Associations which is another critical component to the NAHP. The next meeting is scheduled for September 2016.