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Obtain a Police Certificate

Where to apply

Police certificates are available in Georgia. The Information Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs maintains a centralized database of police and prison records indexed by name, date, place of birth. The records also contain fingerprints of convicted persons. Georgian police certificates can be obtained at the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Red Bridge Highway 21 km., Rustavi, Georgia; Tel: (995 32) 241-90-15; Website: http://saagento.security.gov.ge/.

How to apply

Individuals living in Tbilisi may obtain police and prison records free of charge upon direct application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs within five working days. Individuals complete an application form which includes information on their full name including patronymic and their Georgian personal identification number. Persons living outside of Tbilisi or outside of Georgia can apply by proxy (e.g. relative in Tbilisi) or through the mail with a written request stating the type of record required and the purpose for which the information is being sought. Please include a return address for mailing of the certificate.

If a person has a criminal record, police may prefer to send the information directly to the requesting office. A court record of a sentence is available, while criminal investigation and court trial records are unavailable.