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Office of Defense Cooperation

The United States European Command Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) plans and executes security assistance and cooperation programs with the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.  These programs seek to build Georgian capacity to contribute to coalition security and stabilization operations, and to transform and develop the Georgian Armed Forces institutions, systems, and practices.   

The Georgia Deployment Program – ISAF, led by the United States Marine Corps, prepares Georgian infantry battalions to conduct counter-insurgency operations in support of the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) in Regional Command South, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

The International Military Education and Training Program sends military officials to the United States for professional military education.

Military-to-Military Contact Events are fora to share and exchange best practices and experience in myriad military themes, as well as security assistance in the form of mobile training teams, defense advisory support, and defense articles.

The Office of Defense Cooperation also plans and executes all humanitarian assistance projects sponsored by United States European Command, including projects to improve orphanages and homes for the socially vulnerable and medical clinics and services.

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