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December 2, 2022

In recognition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, the United States reaffirms its critical role as a champion of disability inclusion around the world.

The Department of State advances this priority through funding grants, while also sharing resources and expertise to support governments, disabled persons organizations, and other stakeholders in designing and implementing disability-inclusive policies and practices. U.S. Special Advisor on International Disability Rights Sara Minkara spearheads our international disability policy efforts.

The United States also co-chairs the Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network with our civil society partner, the International Disability Alliance. Through GLAD, we initiated a new ad hoc working group on inclusive democratic participation and political action.  In addition, we are continuing our work on disability-inclusive democracy with governments, civil society, and the private sector as a part of the Summit for Democracy.

Successful inclusion also requires visibility; persons with disabilities must be included and reflected in policy solutions, whether in the context of climate action, political participation, or crisis planning.

Today we recommit to making disability an integral consideration in all foreign policy endeavors.  We do so knowing that societies are more secure, innovative, and productive when all people are valued and empowered to fully participate in society.