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Opening of U.S.-Denmark Defense Cooperation Agreement Negotiations PRESS STATEMENT
February 10, 2022


The United States welcomes the offer announced today by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to begin negotiating a new Defense Cooperation Agreement. When concluded, this agreement will allow our countries to deepen our close security partnership, further strengthen cooperation in NATO operations, and together, contribute to continued growth in Transatlantic security.

These negotiations represent a natural progression in our decades of security cooperation. In doing so, we look to build on the 1951 NATO Status of Forces Agreement to enhance interoperability to meet shared security challenges more effectively.

Our alliances are a core source of American strength. The United States and Denmark work closely together on a wide range of issues important to both countries, to the NATO Alliance, and to the rest of the world. Opening these consultations with Denmark reflects our commitment to reaffirming and reinvigorating America’s alliances to meet common security challenges while protecting shared interests and values.