U.S. Assistance to the People of Georgia: Fulfulling the $1 Billion Pledge

“This money will help the people of Georgia recover from the damage that has been inflicted on their economy and send a clear message that the United States will not abandon this young democracy”

-Senator Joseph Biden, August 2008

Governing Justly and Democratically – $48,600,000

  • Supporting the development of a dynamic civil society
  • Strengthening the rule of law and judicial independence, supporting the introduction of jury trials
  • Increasing transparency in government, improving the electoral system and supporting improved service to citizens
  • Improving the responsiveness and accountability of Parliament
  • Assisting political parties to better represent constituencies and more effectively compete in elections
  • Fostering a political environment conducive to a broader pool of young leaders
  • Increasing transparency in the media and supporting the next generation of journalists

Investing in People/Humanitarian Assistance – $440,433,000

  • Providing the Government of Georgia $250 million in budget support to pay for pensions, health care tovulnerable persons, schools, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and support of ministries (excluding Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior)
  • Providing food, shelter, and livelihood support to IDPs in the Shida Kartli region and assisting long-term IDPs with housing
  • Building capacity in the health care sector and supporting hospital renovation
  • Supporting the renovation of badly deteriorated public schools located in ethnic minority areas and orphanages
  • Upgrading existing IDPs shelters and re-developing buildings for use as durable housing for IDPs from previous conflicts

Economic Growth – $467,890,000

  • Funding for new Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) financing and increasing access to capital through loan guarantees
  • Enhancing energy security including upgrading electricity and gas transit infrastructure
  • Supporting major road construction and other infrastructure projects
  • Increasing Georgia’s regional and international trade prospects
  • Training thousands of Georgians for jobs and supporting the development of small businesses and agriculture to generate jobs

Peace and Security – $44,577,000

  • Clearing landmines and unexploded ordinance
  • Increasing the capacity of the police, coast guard, and border guards to keep the people of Georgia safe and uphold the rule of law.
  • Supporting Georgia’s emergency preparedness and response capacity
  • Combating transnational crime

State Department Monitoring – $2,000,000

The Georgia Monitoring Project is a two-year program (June 2010-May 2012) supported by the United States Department of State to monitor the results of the U.S. Government’s foreign assistance under the $1 billion pledge to the Government of Georgia.

–          Efficiency Analysis of USG Cash Transfer Assistance (PDF 1,485 KB)
–          Preliminary Review of Maritime Security (PDF 1,007 KB)
–          Review of Assistance in Shida Kartli (PDF 1,395 KB)