Potential Protest Activity During and After the Georgian Presidential Elections Runoff

Location:  Downtown Tbilisi and near Polling Stations on Election Day, November 28

Event: The Embassy reminds U.S. citizens that sporadic, short notice, or unannounced rallies or protests are likely to occur on the day of and/or following the second round of the Georgian Presidential Election on November 28, 2018.

Rustaveli Avenue in downtown Tbilisi is a common gathering area for demonstration activity, some of which may take place in reaction to the announcement of election results.   This activity may unexpectedly limit both pedestrian and vehicle movements due to crowds and road closures. In addition, groups may gather outside polling stations and political party offices on and after Election Day. There is a higher likelihood for political tension at these locations, increasing the possibility of personnel finding themselves in a “wrong place wrong time” scenario. Previous incidents have generally not been anti-American or anti-Western but have involved local supporters of various parties.

Actions to Take: