Press Statement: U.S. Participation in Geneva Discussions on Georgian conflict (July 2)

The United States participated in the thirty-second round of the Geneva International Discussions on the conflict in Georgia.  We welcomed the constructive discussion on agenda items in both working groups, especially on issues that directly affect people living in conflict-affected areas, and noted participants agreed that the security situation remained stable.  In upcoming rounds, we are hopeful participants can achieve tangible results that would remove restrictions on freedom of movement, provide closure on cases related to missing persons, and resolve outstanding concerns about language of instruction in Gali District schools.

We also welcomed UNHCR’s “Intentions Survey” on the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and called on participants to fully engage on IDP issues in upcoming rounds.

The United States reaffirmed its strong commitment to the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders.