Readout of Secretary Kerry’s Call with Foreign Minister Lavrov (January 25)

The Secretary and Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke today on Ukraine and Syria.

On Ukraine, the Secretary reiterated our condemnation of the separatists’ grad missile attack on civilians in Mariupol yesterday 25 kilometers beyond the Minsk line,  and other separatist attacks in blatant violation of the agreement. The Secretary reiterated the need for an immediate resumption of the ceasefire, a withdrawal of heavy weapons, and closing the border. He also underscored U.S. readiness to participate in serious settlement efforts, making clear that deescalation is in everyone’s interests, that Russia will be judged by its actions, and that the costs to Russia will only increase if attacks continue.

They also briefly discussed the Syria conference starting tomorrow in Moscow. The Secretary asked for an update from Foreign Minister Lavrov after the Moscow meetings with the opposition.


State Department Press Office