Senator McCain’s statement and press engagement in Khurvaleti (January 1)

Senator McCain in Khurvaleti

Senator McCain’s statement and press engagement in Khurvaleti

Department of State Photo
Senator McCain in Khurvaleti

This man, like so many thousands of others, has had his life destroyed by Russian aggression. And we must always remember that these people deserve to have their lives back and never forget them.

Q-n about the new U.S. administration and its position on the sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia

Senator McCain: I am confident that the United States Congress and the new administration will support the independence and freedom of the Georgian people. The United States Congress will be very active; the United States Senate, in making sure our relationship, our training activities with the Georgian military continue, and we are very grateful for Georgian soldiers, comrades who are serving in Afghanistan today.

Q-n about the Senator’s message ‎in Georgia

Senator McCain: Our message to the people of Georgia is that we are grateful for their friendship, for their support, for their military and their young service members who are serving in Afghanistan. I believe that we must continue to improve our relations and understand that Vladimir Putin, unless we stand up to him, will continue his aggression. We must stand up to Vladimir Putin.