Senior Pentagon Official says United States will not tolerate spheres of influence by Russia or others (May 25)

interIn an exclusive interview with the Georgian Public Broadcaster’s “Moambe” news program,  Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense responsible for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Dr. Michael Carpenter said the United States “will not tolerate any spheres of influence from Russia or any other country … and that is not how nations should behave in the 21st century.”  Respondghing to a question on what Georgia can expect out of the upcoming Warsaw NATO Summit, Dr. Carpenter said, “I ex
pect the momentum that was started in some of the programs that were put in place in Wales [as part of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package] will continue and they will be strengthened and augmented with additional areas.”  Dr. Carpenter gave the interview in Tbilisi while attending the 10th annual Georgian Defense and Security Conference hosted by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.