Space Hackathon registration open now! (October 18)

Space Hackathon registration open now! (October 18)


The U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi is proud to announce the launch of Space Hackathon – a nationwide completion for Georgian youth.  This hackathon is meant to inspire new ideas about space and encourage interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

Distinguished former NASA astronaut Heide Piper will be one of the judges for Space Hackthon.  Ms. Piper traveled into space on the space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavor.  On these missions, she worked in space for over 27 days and completed five spacewalks, traveling outside of the space shuttle for more than 33 hours.

The Space Hackathon’s theme will be the colonization of Mars.  Over the course of one weekend, participants will help make the mission to the red planet a reality.  The winning team will travel to the Netherlands to visit Space Expo, Europe’s first permanent space exhibition.  Second and third place teams will receive an assortment of other gifts and prizes.

The Hackathon will take place from December 1-3 at Fabrika Hostel and the American Corner Tbilisi.  Those interested in participating can visit  for details and registration.

The U.S. Embassy is sponsoring this hackathon, which will be implemented by the Georgian NGO Democracy Lab. Partners also include TBC BANK, Geocell, Altaokey, GPI Holding, Orient Logic, Tirage and Edison.

Contact person: Nino Bojgua, Project Manager
Mobile: +9955 77 19 14 17