STATEMENT: Ambassador Kelly’s press statement on Rustavi 2 (October 2)

Ambassador Kelly: “As you know, the United States places a very high value on the independence of the media and freedom of expression. And we would of course be very supportive of a pluralistic media environment and we do not like to see any kind of limitation on this pluralistic media environment. So, I think it’s safe to say that we are going to follow this case very closely.”

Question: Do you have questions to the government regarding R2?

Ambassador Kelly: “I’ve already raised this issue. I’ve had many meetings with ministers and members of parliament. This is always an issue that we raise. But I think it’s a matter now of our following this very closely. I’m glad to see that Rustavi 2 is on the air. I had an interview with Rustavi 2 last week. And we’ll just pay very close attention to this.”