STATEMENT: Ambassador Norland on Georgian Government’s reshuffle (May 1)

“The most important message I can give you is that the United States of course completely respects the constitutional process here in Georgia. Of course, we’ve had very good relations with the ministers (and the ministries) who have just departed their posts, and we expect to continue to have good relations and constructive cooperation with the new ministers. I think we are very conscious that at a time when Georgia is engaged in the European process, with the Riga Summit coming up, given the strategic partnership with the United States, we are hoping that this process unfolds smoothly. And – of course – in particular, the role of the minister of defense is especially important one for our strategic partnership. So, we hope that process unfolds smoothly and we see no reason why it won’t.”

Question: Was Tina Khidasheli’s candidacy for Ministry of Defense discussed during Ambassador Norland’s meeting with former Prime Minister Ivanishvili several days ago?

Ambassador Norland: “No”

Question: Did Ambassador Norland provide former Prime Minister Ivanishvili a positive recommendation of Tina Khidasheli?

Ambassador Norland: “We did not discuss that.”