Statement: Ambassador Norland on the visit of US Government Officials and 23rd Anniversary (April 23)

“Deputy Assistant Secretary Farkas, along with Deputy Assistant Secretary Chapman from the State Department, are here with the U.S. Delegation to conduct the 14th round of bilateral defense consultations with Georgia, and also our Security Working Group today under our strategic partnership commission. This represents a continuation of many years of close dialogue and partnership between the United States and Georgia on security and defense issues. Yesterday, there were very good discussions on a technical level between the militaries on training, on equipment and cooperation, exercises and so forth.  And today we’ll have a broader dialogue with the Foreign Ministry and others on the regional security situation and what the U.S. and Georgia can do together to deal with the tensions in the region. So, this has been very successful series of meetings in my view.”

Ambassador Norland in response to Rustavi 2’s question on the 23rd anniversary of the U.S.-Georgia diplomatic relations

“Thank you for the opportunity to say that we are very delighted that today the 23rd of April also represents the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of U.S.-Georgia diplomatic relations. We are at a time in history when people are getting a little cynical and it’s important to remember that at a time 23 years ago very few people thought that Georgia would regain its independence.  In fact Georgia did regain its independence, it has become an independent country and now 23 years later it has made considerable progress in its democratic, political and economic evolution.  The United States has been delighted to be a partner in that process, we have no closer partner in the region, and it’s an honor to be American Ambassador here at the time when we can celebrate the 23rd anniversary of our cooperation together.”