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Statement by the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the U.S. Embassy
May 30, 2021

Today, the largest opposition political party in Georgia, the United National Movement, announced that its elected Members of Parliament will enter Parliament. Following this decision, almost all of the 150 MPs will now carry out their mandates entrusted to them by the citizens of Georgia in the 2020 parliamentary elections. This development is another positive step towards the strengthening of Georgia’s democratic institutions and we encourage the UNM Members to use their mandates constructively. 

However, we strongly regret that the United National Movement did not seize the opportunity today to join the other parliamentary parties in signing the 19 April Agreement. The UNM shares the responsibility with the other elected parties to engage constructively in Parliament to address perceptions of politicized justice, adopt and scrutinise the implementation of ambitious electoral and judicial reform and participate in power-sharing within Parliament, among many priorities. This is important work that needs the responsible participation of all of Georgia’s elected leaders. By signing this agreement the UNM would demonstrate its commitment to carry out these fundamental objectives in the interest of Georgia, its citizens, EU-Georgia relations and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future.


The 19 April Agreement remains open for signatures of both parliamentary party leaders and individual Members of Parliament.