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Statement by the United States Embassy and the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia
December 11, 2020

Over the past six weeks, Georgia’s political leaders have engaged in an intense political dialogue.   While important issues remain unresolved, the parties succeeded in reaching a preliminary understanding on comprehensive electoral reforms that, once adopted, will significantly improve future Georgian elections.  We commend the party leaders from all sides for their constructive participation and achievements so far in these difficult negotiations.

The dialogue has covered complicated, substantive issues, and the parties have approached them with a sense of duty to their country’s democratic future.  This kind of open, respectful debate is essential as Georgia moves toward a more pluralistic political landscape representing more diverse views and interests.  With a continued focus on the country’s best interests, we believe the parties can still succeed in bridging the outstanding divisions.

As facilitators, our role has been primarily to provide a neutral forum for the parties to discuss their differences and explore solutions that advance Georgia’s democratic agenda. We regret that it was not possible to reach a broad-based agreement before the first convocation of the new Parliament, despite the party leaders’ efforts.

We now call on all sides to carefully consider how to move forward toward an agreement that will allow the Parliament to assume its full and vital role to uphold and strengthen Georgia’s democracy, economy, and security.  At the parties’ request, and if there is genuine political will to reach an agreement, we stand ready to lend our continued support to this effort.